• Crystal/Chapter Ring Swap: $60 (Additional $14 if the crystal gasket is damaged)
  • Bezel/Bezel Insert Swap: $60 (Additional $10 if the bezel gasket is damaged)
  • Handset Swap: $60
  • Dial Swap: $80 (Includes hands swap)
  • Day/Date Disc Swap: $25 (Only available when bundled with a dial or movement swap)
  • Movement Swap: $125 (Includes dial, hands swap, and movement regulation)
  • Crown Swap: $35 (Includes cutting and fitting the stem)
  • Add a cyclops (magnifier) on the crystal: $25
  • Wet Pressure Testing (up to 10 ATM): $20 (Complimentary with crystal/chapter ring swap)
  • Movement Regulation: $35 (Adjustment within -8 to +8 seconds per day)
  • Full Assembly of a Watch: $200 (Includes wet pressure testing and movement regulation)

For combined modification services, we offer discounted package pricing. Please use the contact form below to get a custom quote.

Please note that shipping costs are not included in the labor pricing.

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